Čeřínek (761 m. a. s. l.) is a hill in the Czech Republic, in the Křemešnická Highlands, between Hutě and Nový Hojkov, about 10 km west from Jihlava and about 5 km east from Nový Rychnov, in the eponymous nature park. Below the peak is a ski resort. From a tourist point of view, it represents one of the significant crossroads in the area of the crossroads at the tourist cottage below the peak. There are four marked hiking trails – red (from Cejle to Nový Rychnov with a turnoff to the very top of Čeřínek), blue (from Dolní Cerekev), yellow (from Mirošov to Dolní Cerekev via Hutě) and green (from Kostelec) – and cyclists are brought here by a turn from the bike path 5090 from Cejle to Rohozná.



Čeřínek Nature Park is located in the Jihlava district, east from the village Nový Rychnov. The protected area was declared on 21st December 1985 with an area of approximately 23 km². It is named after the hill Čeřínek (761 m. a. s. l.), which is located here. It includes deep mostly coniferous forests, bordered by the villages of Nový Rychnov, Milíčov, Hojkov, Mirošov, Dvorce, Kostelec, Dolní Cerekev and Rohozná.

There are several protected areas: natural monuments Čertův hrádek, Přední skála, Na skalce, Pod Mešnicí, and the national natural monument Hojkovské rašeliniště. The highest peaks include: Čeřínek (761 m. a. s. l.), Huťský vrch (710 m. a. s. l.), Na Vršku (580 m. a. s. l.), Přední skála (712 m. a. s. l.) and Čertův Hrádek (714 m. a. s. l.). Furthermore, the Čeřínek educational trail, bicycle path 5090, the red, blue, yellow and green tourist sign and the ski resort pass through here.

Trips, attractions, entertainment

In the immediate vicinity of the guest house there are beautiful meadows, pastures, streams and a forest perfect for mushroom picking and relaxation. Swimming: in about 1 km there is a beautiful swimming pond in the village Rohozná, then the Jihlava aquapark and the Malviny Třešť biotope swimming pool, the Vyskytná u Pelhřimova natural swimming pool. The village of Cejle offers sport activities on a beautiful multifunctional playground and a newly built workout playground.