Accommodation regulations

1. Accommodation is possible after proper reservation of the term, payment of the full amount to the account of the landlord and the payment of a refundable deposit of 5000 CZK on the day of handing over the cottage.

2. By paying for the stay on the account of the landlord, guests confirm their acquaintance with the accommodation regulations and the obligation to follow them.

3. The application for residence must be completed no later than on the day of arrival.

4. Arrival is possible after 2 pm, on the day of departure it is necessary to leave the building by 10:00.

5. In case of damage caused, it is paid from the deposit, in case of higher damage, based on a written request of the landlord, by transfer to the account of the landlord. The landlord is not responsible for damage to property or theft of property.

6. In case of early termination of the stay, the amount paid for the stay will not be refunded.

7. After the end of the stay, the cottage is handed over to the landlord in the condition in which it was handed over at the beginning of the stay, ie. routine cleaning is performed and bed linen is taken off. Otherwise, the amount of CZK 2,000 will be deducted from the deposit.

8. When leaving the building, it is obligatory to secure the building against the intrusion of strangers.

9. Guests are responsible for their own safety, as well as the safety of their minor children throughout the building.

10. The whole cottage is strictly non-smoking.

11. In the cottage it is obligatory to change into home shoes.

12. The equipment of the cottage must not be moved.

13. Detected defects must be reported immediately to the landlord.

14. The landlord or a person authorized by him has the right to perform a random inspection of the object during the stay.

15. The stay of animals is possible only after prior agreement with the landlord.

16. Heating in the stove is possible only after training by the landlord.

17. It is forbidden to handle hot water boilers or boilers.

18. It is forbidden to throw hygiene items, wet toilet paper or any other waste into the toilet.

19. Respect for night rest from 22:00 to 06:00 is required.

20. Energy expenses for the rental period are paid by the accommodated.

21. In case of loss of the encoder for the cottage, an amount of CZK 2,000 will be paid.

22. Cancellation fee for cancellation 7 days in advance is 30% percent of the total price of the stay. If canceled 5 days in advance, the cancellation fee is 50% of the total price of the stay. In case of cancellation two days before arrival, the cancellation fee is 100% of the total price of the stay.